Play that funky music, white boy!…OK, OK, that’s enough, you can stop now.

Blood Sugar Sex Magik“Blood Sugar Sex Magik” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers (O) 1991

    No denying the pleasantly funky grooves, but in the absence of hooks, engaging chord progressions and decent lyrics, I can’t imagine anyone returning to this album with enthusiasm, especially after those ballads. Especially especially when it runs about half an hour longer than it has any right to.

+ “Suck My Kiss”

+ “Give It Away”

LCD Soundsystem“LCD Soundsystem” by LCD Soundsystem (B+) 2005*

    Three instant classics: the driving “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”, the hard-grooving “Tribulations” and the post-pop masterpiece “Losing My Edge”, all over by the start of the album’s second half. Needless to say, there’s a lot of filler. But the thing is, it’s pretty good filler. Even dumb stuff like “Too Much Love” is fun in its own way, and would you really want to give up the silly excess of either “version” of “Yeah”? What about the Eno tribute “Great Release”? What about those weird post-punk fragments? And you have to admit that even when his music’s not as engaging as he probably thinks it is, James Murphy can still be pretty funny, intentionally or otherwise. Turns out electro-irony is entertaining even when it drags a bit.

*Note that I’m reviewing the full 16-song 2-disc version with the added singles


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